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Unwanted Hair Treatment

Approximately 22% of women in India are distressed due to unwanted hair growth, especially in moustache and chin areas. Unwanted hair on body or face of females is called “Hirsutism” and nowadays, it’s turning into matter of serious concern. Gone are the days when facial hair on women face had less impact on personality and impression building. More than just upsetting and irritating, the UHG (Unwanted Hair Growth) also adds to major cause of unhygienic activities in body.

Unwanted Hair Removing Practices

What Causes UHG

In females UHG symptoms are generally due to excess secretion of androgen hormone which indeed is due to certain hormonal imbalance in women. PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) is one amidst the medical conditions that provokes the excess release of male hormones – androgen in females. Other hormonal imbalance conditions leading to UHG are as –

  • Anabolic Steroids
  • Testosterone
  • Minoxidil
  • Cyclosporine

UHG or Hirsutism is also observed as a result of hereditary transmission.

Unwanted Hair Removing Practices

Doing away with unwanted hair from body or face is no more an art. Various cosmetics and materials are present in the souk to either remove or hide the unwanted hair, for instance – Hair removal cream, wax, plucking, bleaching, tweezing and others. These formulas, however, will provide a temporary relief from the hair unwanted on body and/or face.

Applying the above mentioned formula will hide or trim the hair but will not be able to cure it from the main root.

Some believe in home-made natural remedies to move away the unwanted unhygienic hair. Using lemon, sugar, flours and other materials will also give same temporary effect that too after spending lots of time and energy before it.

What’s the Permanent Solution of Unwanted Hair?

Permanent solution for Unwanted Hair Treatment lies in Laser Hair Removal Treatment. See our previous blog on Laser Hair Removal to know more about the process, side effects, and cost.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment Gives Permanent Cure

Unlike waxing and hair-removal creams’ effect, Laser Hair Removal Therapy has the permanent cure for unwanted hair on face and body. The laser beam, as passes through, hits the hair follicle resulting in permanent destruction and removal of the root.

The technique has been tried and tested for many years now and are available at various skin care center like that of our Skin Appeal Noida and Gurgaon. Skin Appeal center has employed old hand team of doctors and dermatologists to carry out the therapy with poise.

Why to Remove UHG Permanently?

Permanent Hair Removal bestows scores of rewarding aspects for you and your daily life style. Some of them have been mentioned below –

  1. Saves Time – Time spending in parlors for waxing or bleaching is saved.
  2. Saves Money – One-time expenditure on laser treatment saves time-and-again expenditure in parlors and/ or cosmetics.
  3. Painless and Safe – Unlike waxing and hair removing creams, laser treatment is safe from contamination, pain and allergies*.

* People with sensitive and diseased skin may face certain allergic symptoms. Hence, prior skin check up is always conducted by the dermatologists. Book your appointment for skin consultancy at Skin Appeal.

  1. Clean Skin – Laser hair removal therapy leaves behind beautiful skin with no spots or allergic rashes.
  2. Hygienic – With help of Permanent Hair Removal treatment you can maintain your hygiene easily.

From the view of our Director – Mrs. Monika Misra – unwanted hair removal treatment with permanent cure stratagem is a must-do activity for ladies as well as for gents. Reason for the latter is the hygiene factor that may disturb the health and mental wellness level. Removing the hair at Skin Appeal offers appealing and prolific result. The procedure is mandatorily conducted under guidance and supervision of expert dermatologists and doctors.

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