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Mandatory Lifestyle Changes to deal with Acne

Acne-bearing faces are like scars in moon. Although beautiful yet not perfect. It makes feel low in public and crowd and if you think of going in world of glamour, your face is most likely to be rejected (unless you put on heavy make up to hide the acnes).

Why this Acne Causes?

It’s because your skin or immune system is probably not so healthy. Several other reasons for acne appearances are–

  • Highly active oil glands
  • Dead skin cells
  • Clogged pores
  • Bacterial infection

You can still fight the acne if you start taking care of it straight from the beginning. Not only the creams, chemicals, and ayurvedic medicines will help fight acne but it is also improved by your daily lifestyle and routine.

This blog brings you 7 lifestyle tips to remove or reduce the acnes on face and body. You are free to consult our expert dermatologists at Skin Appeal for further suggestions.

7 Changes to Lifestyles to Fight Back Acne

Avail Adequate Beauty Sleep
No. 1: Avail Adequate Good Sleep
– Study conducted on “sleep” states that- stress level increases by 14% for every hour of sleep lost in night. Veteran dermatologists at Skin Appeal suggest to take adequate sleep in night (8 – 9hours at least) to heal the acne quickly.

What’s the connection between Sleep and Acne?

As says the dermatologists, cut in sleep time is the primary source of psychological stress which indeed produces glucocorticoid in the body. The latter causes structural and functional abnormalities in skin and thus, delay or no acne healing process.

Remember! Your sleep is important. Take small power naps during day time as well to kick out the stress and tiredness.

Prevailing Dietary Habits

No. 2: Prevailing Dietary Habits – Carbohydrate-rich foods causes increase in sugar level in the body which indeed triggers the secretion of insulin.

Insulin slows down the process of healing as pore-clogging cells are formed. Unfortunately, oil glands are also triggered in the presence of insulin.

Stick to meals and fruits rich in anti-oxidants and vitamin C – orange, apple, grains, veggies, green-leafy veggies – rather than white bread, pizza, burger, white rice, potato etc.

Water in Day Out

No. 3: Water-in Day Out – The more water in your body the faster is the rate of metabolism and thus, the acne prevention or healing – says a study on “water for body”.

Water has universal importance in terms of biological use. It removes waste materials from inside of the body leading to detoxification and leaves the skin hydrated thoroughly.

Drinking a glass of water early in the morning, before eating or drinking anything helps drastically. For rest of the day? Drink a glass of water every next hour or two to boost the blood flow throughout the skin and body.

Overall 2-3L of water is required for normal skin but for skin trouble people at 4L water will serve asworthy.

 Morning Exercise

No. 4: Move with Morning Exercise–Exercise and physical exertion helps opening the pore of the skin through which waste product – sweat – is released out of the body. Salt containing sweat lowers down the process of skin cleansing from inside which affects the acne recovery.

Including morning exercise or yoga in your daily routine leaves wonderful effect besides acne healing on the skin.

Why “Morning” Exercise? – Because morning brings fresh air free from filth and germs. Your skin should be protected from harmful matters in the surrounding.

 Omega - 3 Fatty Acids

No. 5: Get Used to Omega – 3 Fatty Acids –found in the fish liver, Omega -3 fatty acid is highly recommended by worldwide dermatologists, including Skin Appeal, for improving skin and body functions. It controls leukotriene B4 production which actually produces inflammatory cytokines.

Breathing process is interrupted and in turn, the oxygen content. Skin loses the ability to recover in the absence of oxygen.

Omega – 3 tablets are available in the market but consuming it through natural mode is better than anything else. The supplement is present in foods like walnuts, avocados, flaxseed oil, and salmon.

Skin Cleansing Routine

No. 6: Skin Cleansing Routine – While talking or thinking about cleansing some of you are under misconception of cleaning the face with an effective and costly face wash. 5-steps formula defines “Cleansing” perfectly– (1) Face Wash (2) Scrubbing (3) Massage (4) Mask (5) After-cleansing moisturizer.

Cleansing removes the dead dermal cells to bring out newly grown cells. Each step has its significance in vanishing or reduces acne or scars on the face and body. If your skin is already acne-bearing then do not try to do it yourself at home. Visit skin care clinics like Skin Appeal for better result.

Also, wash your face twice or thrice a day to remove the layer of germs on the face.

Measures towards Mobiles

No.7:Measures towards Mobiles –Bacteria gets multiplied in the presence of hot environment which is provided by mobiles these days. They are serving as hotbed for bacteria.

Not only while listen to music or making phone calls but even while texting messages your fingers get contaminated and germs are spread to faces and other body parts through the fingers.

Keep your mobiles at distant from your body as possible.Clean the mobiles’ surface and covers using sanitizers at least twice a day. Keep your phone away in night, while sleeping. Chances of contamination or bacteria multiplication are doubled when body system is resting.

Note: For permanent and fast acne removal, go for Skin Appeal Chemical Peels.

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