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Best Winter Skin Care Tips

Knowing the type of skin is essential as it aids in maintaining the skin in winter when moisture from air is departed. The skin is left dried with scales and white ugly patches. It’s the time to spare some time for your beautiful skin this winter, 2015 and thus, this is imperative to know tips for winter skin care 2015.

Moisturize the Skin

  1. Moisturize the Skin – Pour in extra moisture on your dry skin by applying moisturizing lotion every time you feel like or you get time. Lack of moisture affects the skin cells and does away with wetness in the skin. To preserve the glow of body moisturizing lotions must be in your priority list.
  1. Water Intake – Increase the water content to overcome the moisture and water level in the body. More than normal or cold water, lukewarm water will help regenerating the ruptured cells quicker. Lukewarm water has more than just one benefit. It helps improve digestive process when taken after every meal. Sebaceous gland works actively and releases sweat and eventually removes wastes outside the body even in cold.
  1. Food Habits In order to protect the protective layer of fats around the skin cell you are advised to include fatty acids rich diet. Fatty acids – especially omega 3 fatty acids – supply nourishment to the body to help protecting such layers from out bursting. Consume fish oil if you are a non-vegetarian or else, other omega 3 fatty acid rich diet includes tofu, walnuts, flaxseeds etc. Consult the dietician in case you’re allergic to these diets. Orange juice (omega-3-fortified foods) is one of the omge-3-fatty acid supplements.
  1. Cover the Body – Direct contact of skin with open moisture-free air results in evaporation of water in the skin. Approximately 25% of moisture is lost due to exposure to cold wind, says the study. Skin looks quite dry and flaky during these days. Best way to avoid this is to cover the hands, feet and other parts properly. Wear gloves or socks and prevent moisture evaporation from body.
  1. Say “No” to Indoor Heaters – Indoor heater is the artificial mode of heating the room or increasing the room temperature. This emits UV radiation that affects the mucous membrane and leaves the lips chapped along with other sides effects – sore throat, flaky skin etc. – generally referred as ‘Winter Skin’. Say “NO” to such indoor heaters and capture the natural source of heat – the sun – the only natural source of Vitamin D for healthy bones and skin.
  1. Face Cleanse Up – By any way if you find your skin is sensitive, then you’re required to take immense care of your face. Consult Skin Appeal dermatologists and staffs for regular face cleanse up in winter for acne prone skins and others. Regular cleanse up removes the filth not merely form face but from the inner dermal layers as well. Skin care tips for winter takes the step as major part for winter care for skin.
  1. Long Hot Bath or Shower? Say “No” Again – You might have craving for long hot bath or shower in the cold weather but this damages the oily layer of the skin. Oils on skin that protect the skin from direct exposure to environment are soaked by the hot water in shower or bathtub. Hence, you are advised to limit your bathing time (10-15 min). Do not just rub off the towel around the body. Pat-dry them with soft towel.
  1. Lips Care – Licking must be prohibited during winter due to saliva evaporation that leaves the lips cracked and dry. Licking may provide temporary moisture to the lips but results in long term dryness and over dryness eventually results in bleeding.

Instead of licking apply petroleum jelly or other lip balm on daily basis. Various colorful glossy lip balms are now available in market.  Avoid lipsticks and lip gloss as these contain the chemical most unsuitable for lips during winter.

Numerous more minute precautions and steps are to be taken to keep your skin wet, healthy and toned  but above discussed 8 steps are fundamentals of skin care during this winter.

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