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From Skincare to Hairstyles: The Essential Guide to Bridal Beauty

So, you are ready to tie your knot and have fixed the date for the ceremony. Keeping all event management things aside one thing, for sure, you are looking forward to with great desperation is “How to look gorgeous and extraordinary on your wedding ceremony”. Well, nothing so new for a bride whose desire is to make the event and photo album a memorable one.

To catch people’s attention glorifying dress, sparkling jewelry and one day beauty makeup is not really going to help. Bridal makeup starts far before the ceremony starting from daily routine care that includes

  • exercising or yoga – at least 1 hour every morning
  • more water in-take 3-4 liter at least in summer; 2-3 liter in winter
  • proper diet plan – rich in omega 3FA, vitamin C and water (less carbohydrate)
  • daily face cleansing – Twice or thrice a day

Adoring bridal makeup embraces even more. You will find all top bridal beauty tips in this blog and more by placing queries in comment box.

From Skincare to Hairstyles: The Essential Guide to Bridal Beauty

Bridal Beauty Tips

No. 1 Work for Amazing Skin: Recognize your skin type and Start taking care of your face and skin 6 months prior to the wedding date. Get clean off the pimples, acne, dark circles and reduce fine lines from skin. Skin Appeal dermatologists recommend go with appropriate skin therapies – chemical peels, sea mud, blue light micropulse, microdermabrasion and others (not all, of course) 2-3 weeks before the rituals.

The therapies may be sensitive to skin hence, do take suggestions from dermatologists. You can go to Skin Appeal as its expert team of skin specialists are qualified and experienced to provide such consultancy. Or, you are advised to consult your personal dermatologists before taking skin treatment.

teeth whitening laser treatment

No. 2 Make it a Sparkling Smile: Smile is precious. It steals thousand’s and millions’ spirit. Do not forget to shape up the teeth before wedding. Apply homemade remedies to your teeth for whitening or else, run to your dentist for teeth whitening laser treatment.

Brush your teeth twice a day in your daily routine but brush it immediately when you eat non-veg, garlic, onion and likewise foods. These food items easily infect teeth.  Hence, be cautious about your fooding and brushing habits.

Hair Care

No. 3 Commitment for Hair Care:  Those with long hair, sometimes, act lazy when it comes to hair care. But bride’s long hair gives entire different and most stunning appearance on bride’s persona. You are blessed that you have long hair. You have more than 100 choices for bridal hairstyles at wedding.

Shampoo your hair twice or thrice a week. Avoid the use of shampoo everyday as regular use of shampoo causes dryness and damages hair to hair fall. Make hair conditioner a compulsory object after shampoo. Next, avoid moving outside area with wet hair – pollution will surely damage the hair texture.

Intensify the hair volume. Consult the specialists at skin care center – Skin Appeal or any personal one – for hair care treatments including Mesoderm Therapy or Mesotherapy for speedy hair growth.

Remove hair from Laser hair removal therapy

No.4 Remove the Annoying Hair:  Do away with unwanted annoying hair on face and body. Get it bleached or waxed if time is less. We personally suggest you take time out for laser hair removal treatment. At least you will be free from stress of hair re-growth after wedding and you can spend time with husband and new family instead of at parlors. Laser hair removal therapy can be done at any skin care center but it is recommended to be done at trusted center.

Face Contouring

No. 5 Face Contouring: Prepare your face for memorable photogenic sessions. Bride’s face is never-to-be- forgotten one.  To give a photo perfect look to your face fine refinements to facial features can be planned a month in advance. Lips enhancement, eye brows shaping, cheeks contouring and double chin reduction can be done through Botox, Juvederm and other non-invasive procedures.

Tone Up the Body

No. 6 Tone Up the Body: Not to be ignored at all! Body shape defines what type of bride you are – average, heavy, athlete, slim, fat etc. tags are always added with the brides.  Not just the mass but extra bulginess is to be removed. Get used to morning walk followed by 1 or ½ an hour daily exercise.

If you are not comfortable with jumping and hopping you can still opt for Yoga to keep your body fit and defined. Further, To shed off extra inches and fat slabs from love handles, back, thigh, abdomen Skin Appeal recommends few sessions of Cav-Lipolysis, Cryo-Lipolysis , i-Lipolysis for instant results.

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