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How to Remove Unwanted Hair from Face

Unwanted hair growth is turning into deep matter of distress for the growing generation. Faces covered with hair throws negative impression on others leading to low self-esteem, especially in case of ladies.

Though light and soft, hair on face is not worth entertaining. Many of you might be upset due to excessive rough hair growth, like that of men, on face. It’s due to severe hormonal imbalance.

Cause of Hair Growth on Face for Men & Women

Cause of Hair Growth on Face

Hair growth in both men and women is biological phenomenon that occurs at the age of adolescence. Primary reason for facial hair growth is the secretion of male hormone – androgen hormone or testoid in the body of both men and women. The hormone is secreted in smaller amount in females and hence, the softer and smaller hair growth in females.

  • Hormonal Imbalance – In both men and women, excessive secretion of androgen hormone causes intensive growth of hair on moustache, chin, cheek, eye-brows, hand and all other parts of body. Sometimes, women bear men-like face due to excessive hair growth on face. Reason is same – Androgen hormone imbalance.
  • Hereditary Transmission – If your mother’s hormone imbalance has shown excessive facial hair on her face then you are tending to get the same due to genetic inheritance of the trait.
  • Stress Level – Rarely but truly, stress causes hair growth as excess stress leads to activation of adrenal gland which indeed produced “stress hormone”. Later secretes androgen in small amount and hence, the growth of facial and other unwanted hair.
  • Obesity – Not all but few people with obesity, or rather few body-types with obesity tend to gain unwanted hair. Fat cells in the body becomes the source of androgen secretion and thus, few people on this earth are unfortunate to get unwanted hair due to fattiness.

Changing hormonal activities is quite difficult as it’s a natural biological process. However, there are various ways outside the “biological” terms that can give the endowment of doing away the unwanted facial hair.

Get Rid of Unwanted Facial Hair with Laser Removal

skin appeal blog_Laser Facial Hair Removal Treatment _post

Working in the era of technologies, the same has brought the conclusion to your facial hair problems –Laser Hair Treatment. Laser Hair Removal technique is pick of the bunch these days for it provides the permanent solution for facial hair.

Beams are released from laser that hits on the targeted hair follicle, heating and destroying them from the root and thus, preventing further hair growth on face.

Advantages of Laser Facial Hair Treatment

Counting on fingers, Laser Facial Hair Treatment leaves behind various advantages for ladies. These include –

  • Permanent removal of hair – Your problem is solved for lifetime
  • Skin is safe – the treatment leaves no mark of allergic signs* on skin post to therapy
  • Time Conserving – Saves time that were spent on weekly and monthly basis in parlors
  • One time costing – Expenditure is one-time process for laser treatment instead of weekly and monthly expenditure.
  • Replacement for Waxing, Electrolysis & Razors – Complete replacement to temporary techniques.
  • No Last Hour Rush – Running down to parlor for waxing and bleaching a day before an event is voided.

And counting goes on. Benefits as mentioned in the blog are the basic ones whereas post laser therapy benefits can be experienced in real life with real experience.

*You are advised to consult experienced dermatologists – at Skin Appeal – to check your skin type for laser treatment. People with sensitive, disease prone or injured skin are highly recommended to go through complete check up for skin with Skin Appeal specialized dermatologists to safeguard the skin from laser radiations.

Other Techniques for Unwanted Facial Hair Removal

Techniques for Unwanted Facial
Further, unwanted hair removal techniques for faces are being employed in that parlours that encompasses –

  • Waxing
  • Bleaching
  • Tweezing
  • Plucking

Nevertheless, all above mentioned techniques deliver temporary solution to the facial hair trouble. Many websites talk about homemade remedies to do away with the hair. Well, truly speaking, even homemade remedies have its short-term results. More than removing the hair, they tend to hide them from being bluntly visible.

No gram-flour with milk and honey or old day’s “Grand-mom’s tips (Daadi Maa ke Nuskhe) ” are going to work on facial hair, especially when you have already grown up.

Taking all in consideration, I personally find Laser hair removal treatment to be the best of all in order to enjoy hair-free skin for life time. The treatment saves more than half of the time when you have to get ready for big or small events.

Consult one of our skin specialists or directly book an appointment to get the treatment in time. Know more benefits of Laser Care Unwanted Facial Hair Treatment from our representatives.

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